Daizy Bethea

When the Stakes are high We can help you Daizy Bethea Personal Injury law Real Estate Law Will, Estates and Trust Law Immigration Law Family Law firmDaizy Bethea LL.B., B.L. ON, TX, NY.


‘Daizy’ has been a lawyer for over three decades and her legal experience spans multiple jurisdictions. She is licensed to practice law in Ontario, Canada and in Texas  and New York  in the USA.

Daizy has been a partner in her Houston law practice A. Bethea & Achebe P.C., since its inception in 1999. She gained a lot of practice experience in the areas of personal injury lawimmigration lawwills, estate and trust law, corporate and commercial lawfamily law and civil litigation. She has also helped clients navigate Africa’s emerging markets and make investment decisions.

Litigation and Negotiation

Daizy has worked extensively in the insurance industry primarily as a Plaintiff’s attorney. She has an excellent and demonstrable understanding of complex legal arguments and has achieved a policy limits settlement of USD$.5m during her career.

Daizy is committed to social justice issues in her community. She also volunteers with various not-for-profit associations in both the US and Canada.

Daizy currently practices law in both the United States and Canada jurisdictions.

Other Areas of Practice

Administrative Law Proceedings, Wills, Estate & Trusts, Corporate & Commercial Law