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Conceptualize Your Business With Help @ lawyer2call

Our commercial and corporate practice represents commercial businesses, real estate investors, family-owned businesses, partnerships, joint ventures as well as individual business investors. We bring a deep understanding and knowledge of the rules and regulations of the general commercial and corporate law necessary to conceptualize and create a successful business organization. Building your future depends greatly on how you lay the foundation of your businesses. We help position you in the appropriate business space of your environment.

Are you buying your first home or a subsequent investment property, setting up a family business or going into a business relationship with a friend? These are all serious business decisions and we would like to assist you do it right. That is what we do.

Our Corporate and Commercial Law Practice Includes:
  • Business Incorporation
  • Asset & Share Purchases & Sales
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiations
  • Formation of Business (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures)
  • Collections and demand payment negotiations
  • Franchising & Outsourcing Agreements
  • Manufacturing and Sale of Goods arrangements
  • Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements



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